ROOF CLEANING NEAR ME: NO MORE ROOF MOSS, PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING DONE FOR YOU.  Areas covered - York, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Thirsk, Leeds, Otley, Beverley, Whitby, Malton, Richmond, Durham and all surrounding areas  What are the benefits of having my roof cleaned? 

It isn't always about the appearance, as explained below! 
Roofs are designed and shaped to allow water to run off your roof quickly. When you have a build-up of roof moss the water cannot flow away efficiently, roof moss absorbs rain water stopping it from flowing into the gutters and safely away from your building.  
When this happens your roof remains in a damp condition for longer periods due to the excess water. This often creates further problems such as water ingress and internal black mould. These prolonged damp conditions also promote the perfect environment for even more moss to grow on your roof. 
Below you'll find a selection of before and after photos 

Here is how Cleancore UK can help you. We can softwash your roof.? 

Almost every roof we clean is soft washed 
The organic matter on your roof such as algae, moss, lichen and bacteria are all living organisms which require a treatment in order to kill them, this treatment is known as soft washing and Softwashing is used as either a main service to clean your roof or as a complementary service post pressure washing. 
Essentially soft washing is to apply a biodegradable solution at less than garden hose pressure directly to the problem area's which then start to break down and emulsify the organic matter to a point that it will break away naturally and self clean. 
A roof with no or little organic growth can be soft washed as a stand alone service to remove or prevent this kind of unwanted growth and Cleancore UK often treat new roofs with our softwashing solution as a prevention for organic growth. 
When a roof has been left untreated the organic matter can become overgrown to a point that pressure washing roofs or roof scraping is required to dislodge the moss. 
Can my roof be power washed? 
Many roof tiles can be pressure washed but some cannot. 
An initial inspection by Cleancore UK will determine which tiles you have and which method is used. 
Our methods range from pressure washing roofs, soft washing roofs, scraping roofs and steam cleaning roofs. 
Will water enter my roof space? 
When a roof is pressure washed by a trained professional who specialises in roof cleaning and has inspected the roof for any viable pre existing damages and conditions, you shouldn't expect to find any water entering the roof space however if you have any pre-existing damages and water already enters your property when it rains then yes water can enter your property during the service. 
Water will not go up and under a tile as long as the direction of the pressure washer is pointing down the roof, underneath the tiles there's a layer of felt which is a waterproof membrane designed to direct water into your guttering so even if a tiles was missing altogether then water still wouldn't get into you roof space. You must inform Cleancore UK of any damages or history of water ingress prior to the service starting. 
How much does it cost to clean my roof? 
Roof cleaning involves much more than just simply removing the roof moss and the full extent of this specialist service is reflected in the quote. 
Many factors are taken into account when pricing a roof clean such as the type of tile, the condition of the roof, access requirements, which method should be used and the surface area to be cleaned. 
Cleancore UK will personally meet you at your property and discuss the process, measure the surface and give you a unique quotation based on your buildings specifications. 

Before and after Roof Cleaning 

Prior to the service 
A thorough inspection of your roof will be carried out by Cleancore UK to look for any pre existing damages and current conditions of the roof, we will discuss our findings with you. We will then assess which method is used, how we will access to the roof and answer any questions you may have. 
After Roof cleaning 
Now that your roof is clean, there is another part of the service which we will carry out for you. "What goes up must come down!" 
So your roof has been cleaned we need to wash the moss debris of everything that it's landed on such as your gutters, soffits, facias, walls, windows, lawn, driveways etc. Although it gets messy, by the time Cleancore UK have finished you will not know we've been except for the fact that you now have a new looking, moss free roof. 
Soft washing roof tiles Soft washing roof tiles
1 year guarantee! 
Cleancore UK warrant our roof cleaning jobs with a 1 year guarantee.  
We give you a guarantee that your roof will be completely moss free and show no sign of any other organic matter such as algae, lichen, mould or mildew for 12 months after the service, should any amount of organic matter reappear within the first 12 months we will re-treat those areas totally free of charge. 
Maintenance Treatment 
As you're aware, if left unmaintained the roof moss and other unsightly matter will start to re-grow, so should you want to continue to live in an organic free looking home then Cleancore UK recomend that between years 2 and 5 you have a follow up treatment which is priced at just half of the original quoted price, this ensures a clean looking roof for many more years. 
Soft washing bungalow roof tiles Recently cleaned bungalow roof tiles
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