Moss, lichens, mold, algae and mildew are all helping each other to break down and CONSUME your roof tiles! 
That's GROSS right? And it's going to cost YOU a fortune when you have to replace those tiles! So DON'T let it get to that stage. 
"But how can I stop the moss from eating my roof?" 
By SOFTWASHING it that's how! 
Simply call Cleancore UK out to remove all the moss and treat (soft wash) the INFESTATION on your roof! 
"But what is soft washing?" 
I'm glad you asked! Softwashing is the ALTERNATIVE to pressure washing. We use water-based, biodegradable solutions. 
They emulsify dirt and grime, break down bugs nests and webs as well as KILL mould, mildew, algae, and bacteria, SANITISING the surface that we are cleaning. 
Soft washing uses only one-third of the water pressure washing uses, lasts two to FOUR times longer and doesn’t erode the surface, like pressure washing often can. 
This roof is at a stage FIVE infestation, the moss has CRUMBLED the roof. we should be treating your roof at a stage one!! 
How has moss crumble a roof? 
It's crumbled the roof because when moss consumes a roof it secreats a very small amount of acid, this acid helps it to BREAK DOWN the minerals and bed into the roof, moss also retains a lot of water so now the water sits on the roof and soaks in, making the tiles FRAGILE. 
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